The Quartet is a bunch of very young and very talented Slovak jazz players, winners of the competitions "New Faces of Slovak Jazz". The repertoire is mainly based of composition of Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie.

Slovakian Gypsy Jazz. The band Maringotka won the young talent competition at our festival last year. It means for them main stage this year. 

The young jazzrock trio Fridge Aside comes from Slovakia. They performance own compositions and stuff from Pat Metheny, Victor Bailey and John Scofield.

The Quintet of Sisa Fehérová is a band crossing jazz, blues and alternative music. In their repertoire you can be introduced to original songs and imaginative arangments of jazz and anti-jazz compositions. Music full of tense and emotions led by energic smooth voice of Sisa, supported by soulful guitar of Tony Dlapa and perceptive play of pianist Federico De Vittor. 

Zuzana Mikulcová is a young Slovak jazz singer. Three years ago she won the competition "New Faces of Slovak Jazz".

Sanyland is a band of jazz, blues, folk and funk influenced players, led by the singer and composer Sany Grék, who is a well known figure in the local fusion scene since the early nineties.

AMC Trio is the internationally most successful Slovak jazz band, known for collaborations with Ulf Wakenius and Randy Brecker. Mark Whitfield is an American hard bop and soul-jazz guitarist, known for his recordings as bandleader for both the Verve and Warner Bros. record labels

Inside Group is a Slovakian instrumental fusion trio. 

“AsGuests sounds fresh, contemporary and adventurous with a deep respect for the jazz tradition. This quartet knows how to transform complex music into an accessible and fascinating performance.” (Robert Kinable)