Andreas Varady Band feat Radovan Tariška


Andreas Varady - guitar
Bandi Varady - basa
Adrian Varady - drums
Radovan Tariška - sax

Andreas Varady is the gipsy guitar player wunderkind. At the age of fourteen he was contracted by Quincy Jones to his management company, and later supported his hero George Benson in Europe and America. His family trio would be supported by legendary Slovak sax player Radovan Tariška.

This diminutive Gypsy guitarist cops Miles and Coltrane tunes by ear, solos like an old soul, and shares the stage with celebs…super-swinging and soulful…imaginative single-note and chord melodies punctuated with free-wheeling angular runs.”
(Guitar Player Magazine)

This wunderkind Andreas Varady plays much more in the vein of Wes or George Benson and, on top of that, is highly musical and responsive."

It's not just his ability to move around the fretboard that's thrilling; it's his feeling for the music, his harmonic awareness and all-round musicality."
(The Herald)

Much more than a technical boy wonder, he displays considerable creativity and a deep understanding of the music...phenomenal."
(The Independent)

Frightening speed, complex harmony and chording, all delivered with flashes of feel that believe his age."
(Guitarist Magazine)

Questions is a delight: fun, accessible, unpretentious and positive. The quartet of musicians is outstanding. [David] Lyttle and Varady are already accomplished players and represent an emerging Irish jazz scene of tremendous potential."
(All About Jazz)