Djabe special guest Gulli Briem

Tamás Barabás - bass
Gulli Briem (Mezzoforte) - drums, percussion 
Szilárd Banai - drums
Attila Égerházi - gutar, percussion
Ferenc Kovács - trumpet, violin, vocal
Zoltán Kovács - keyboards

Djabe is the most invited and appreciated Hungarian jazz/world fusion group regarding the international festival scene. During its 19 years long history Djabe played in 42 countries of 3 continents. Special guest: Gulli Briem form Mezzoforte.

The audience enjoyed Djabe’s shows everywhere from North-America to Asia thank to the music itself which is really versatile and to the group which always finds contact with the people from any cultural background.  

The unrivalled sounding of the Djabe tunes mix the elements of jazz with various parts of Hungarian and world music. There is a stage full of talented, experienced and passionate musicians and their interesting and extraordinary music works some kind of magic on the audience, is able to give rise to different emotions. 

During the gig the group plays some significant tunes from Djabe’s history and a few numbers will be played from the new album Forward, too. 

Djabe means really open music by open minded people who are always enjoy to play with guest musicians.
One of them is Gulli Briem, the amazing drummer of world famous Mezzoforte, is a returning special guest on Djabe gigs and recordings. The Icelandic music professional plays drums since his childhood and performed among many others with Madonna. 

One of his favourite instruments is the hang drum, which is always a huge success at shows because of its special sound and shape. But Gulli contributes on regular drum kit as well and the duel between him and Szilárd Banai on drums is one of the unique moments of the Djabe.