Grzegorz Karnas Formula

Grzegorz Karnas - voice (PL)
Florian Möbes - guitar (D)
Mariusz Prasniewski - double bass (PL)
András  Dés - percussions (H)

Singer born in Upper Silesia, Poland, to a family devoid of musical traditions. Karnas has worked with Poland's jazz legends as well as top-line artists of Europe’s jazz scene. In 2006 and 2007 he was awarded Grand Prix of jazz vocal competitions in Bruxelles and Crest, France. His being noticed by juries, journalists and audiences gave way to his band's touring in many corners of the world.

Since 2008 Karnas has been the spiritus movens of Intercultural Gathering for Creativity, Expression and Music “Voicingers” – an event contributing to both promotion of jazz singers at the very beginning of their international careers as well as music education for nonprofessionals.

His album under the title “Karnas” was released in 2011 by a Slovak label Hevhetia and his live performances from Budapest became succesful releases under a Hungarian label BMC Records as "Audio Beads" (2012) and "Vanga" (2014) making Karnas a distinctive element of European jazz scene.