Sisa Fehérová a Fehero Rocher


Sisa Fehérová - voice
Tony Dlapa - guitar
Federico De Vittor - piano
Rasťo Uhrík - double bass
Oliver Lipenský - drums, backing vocals

The Quintet of Sisa Fehérová is a band crossing jazz, blues and alternative music. In their repertoire you can be introduced to original songs and imaginative arangments of jazz and anti-jazz compositions. Music full of tense and emotions led by energic smooth voice of Sisa, supported by soulful guitar of Tony Dlapa and perceptive play of pianist Federico De Vittor. 

Fehero Rocher played many concerts in Czech Republic and Germany and were a participants on jazz festivals there, and for example also in Turkey, or Slovakia. In Prague's Akropolis they played support for italian band Mop Mop, in Bratislava for Richard Bona.