Slovak Nuevo Quinteto


Eva Varhaníková - piano
Michal Červienka - accordeon
Imre Farkaš - violin
Róbert Ragan st. - double bass
Peter Solárik - drums, percussion


Slovak Nuevo Quinteto are five well-known Slovak artists who have decided to dedicate themselves to the works of the master who in his compositions combined the world of tango with classical music in an original way. They debuted at the BHS in 2021 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla's birth. The instrumentation is a combination of several Piazzolla ensembles. The musicians decided to replace the guitar, found in his last concert quintet, with percussion and percussion.

Peter Solárik plays drums and percussion, Róbert Ragan Sr. plays double bass, Eva Varhaníková plays piano, Imre Farkaš plays violin. The accordion, the main instrument of Piazzolla's compositions, is played by Michal Červienka. The famous works of the world bandoneonist and composer Astor Piazzolla are performed in various arrangements.